A Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes

Explain Harlem (aka A Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes.) What is the main idea (theme)of the poem Identify and discuss each of the five similes. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.It is an expressive poem whose rhymes are irregular and it sums up the white repression of blacks in America.A simile is used in the first verse of every question. “Like a raisin in the sun”, “like a rotten meat”, “like a syrupy sweet”, “like a sore” and “like a heavy load” are the five similes used in the poem. The writer uses a simile to compare the dream which is deferred with a raisin. According to the writer if a raisin is left in the sun to dry, it becomes hard and shrivels. it loses its moisture and nutrition, similarly if a dream is delayed to achieve it will not turn out as the person originally wished-for. Then if it is not dried up as a raisin it may “fester like a sore” it means that if a dream is postponed it irritates and festers like a sore. , dissatisfaction and agitation of not fulfilling it may drive towards hitting back at those who are the cause of delaying it. The third possibility is that it may turnout to be like a rotten meat, if a meat is not used within a certain period of time it may turn bad and gives a horrible smell likewise if a dream is not satisfied in a certain time period it decompose. Then if a syrupy sweet is unused for a long time forms crusts and as a resultIt cannot be used same goes with a dream if a dream is not worked upon, negative thoughts may appear with the crust of anger and despair. Last but not the least a person carrying a heavy load turns out to be gauche and clumsy in the same way a dream not fulfilled becomes heavy to tolerate and turns the person towards

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