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A Long-Term Career in the Field of Medicine

You will prepare and submit a term paper on A Long-Term Career in the Field of Medicine. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Personal ment Having a close relationship with my father, he has inspired me to pursue a long-term career in the field of medicine. Since he works as a physician, I grew up witnessing how my father took great pain in reaching out for the needy. For this reason, I have decided to follow his footstep by pursuing a career in dentistry. At the ______ University, I am currently graduating from _____ course. In general, I excel in subjects related to Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry. Since I wanted to learn more from other students and Science professors, I actively participate in school as Biology teaching staff. Aiming to pursue a career in Dentistry, I have spent a lot of time reading books related to dental care during my free time. Aside from going through a lot of self-learning process, I have recently joined a job shadow in a dental clinic. Aside from having a competitive knowledge on the basic dental care, I also have a strong communication skill which I have gained from being active in school activities. Although I have a little experience when I joined a job shadow in a dental clinic, I was able to learn the importance of public relations in the field of dentistry. As a person, I am not only known for being a career motivated person but also a self-motivated and self-directed individual. I consider these characteristics as a personal strengths since having a positive attitude will enable me to become a successful dentist one day.Part of my personal weaknesses includes the lack of formal education and work experience related to Dentistry. In order to narrow down the gap associated with my personal weaknesses, I have strongly decided to strengthen my qualification by taking a Dentistry course from a reputable university. My long-term career goal is to become a professional dentist. By taking a dentistry course, I will be able strengthen my existing skills and knowledge on proper dental care. Being able to finish a degree in Dentistry will give me the opportunity not only in becoming a licensed dentist but also the privilege to work with people who will need my professional services in the near future.My strong desire to learn more and improve my personal skills and knowledge in Dentistry encouraged me to perform well academically. Since there is a tight competition in the field of Dentistry, I consider taking a Dentistry course as a first step in making my long-term goal possible. As soon as I finish Dentistry and pass the license exam, I plan to work as a dentist for a short span of 5 years. Since I strongly believe in the importance of continuous learning, I plan to take up further studies related to Dentistry after having work as a professional dentist for some time.Given that I am about to graduate from the university, I have applied in several nearby schools that offer Dentistry courses last year. Although I was invited for an interview at some schools, I was placed on the waiting list since it was almost Christmas season when I submitted my application.

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