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A step toward purchasing an automobile?

Question:Hello there, please I have a quiz and I need help.Please don’t answer the question if you are not sure about it.Thank you so much.1- Which of the following is not a step toward purchasing an automobile?A- Determine affordabilityB- Shop for financingC- Analyze needs versus wantsD- Make a preliminary offer2- When picking out a car and determining needs versus wants, a person should ask him or herself all of the following questions except:A- How much cargo do you carry?B- Do you want a manual or automatic transmission?C- Do you need two-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive?D- All choices are correct.3- How much of a down payment do lenders require when purchasing a car?A- 10%B- 15%C- 20%D- 40%4- What is the disadvantage of buying a home?A- The value of your house may increase.B- Eventually, you will be able to live payment-free.C- The value of your house may decrease.D- You will gain equity by paying down your mortgage.5- What is a mortgage?A- The legal document used to allow a lender to use real property as collateralB- The difference between what is owned vs. what is owedC- The transfer of a lease agreement to a new tenantD- All of the choices are incorrect.6- Most lenders require how much of a down payment for a house?A- 30%B- 40%C- 20%D- No down payment7- Why might you have to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI)?A- You had more than three traffic violations in the past year.B- You put down less than 20% on your home.C- You live in a high-risk neighborhood.D- You have a history of defaults.8- What does HELOC stand for?A- Health expense license of CaliforniaB- Home equity line of creditC- Home equity liquidation of creditD- None of the answers are correct.9- Which is not an early warning sign of financial trouble to come in the future?A- Not having an emergency fundB- Paying only the minimum amount of a credit card billC- Not having a monthly budgetD- Investing in a 401(k) or a 403(b) plan10- What is the minimum amount of money you should have in your emergency fund account, and once you have that, what should your next goal be?A- $750; 3 months’ wagesB- $500; 4 months’ wagesC- $1,000; 6 months’ wagesD- $1,500; 6 months’ wages11- Which is a way to stop little financial leaks?A- Cutting couponsB- Pack your lunchC- Avoid the malls when bored or depressedD- All of the choices are correct.12- To keep yourself from using your credit card, you shouldA- destroy it.B- hide it.C- leave it at home.D- keep it in your wallet.13 – What strategy to help impulse buyers does the book suggest?A- The “ten-second hold” ruleB- Realistic budget evaluationC- The “do I need it?” strategyD- The stop and think strategy14 – Paying rent, gas, and utilities and buying groceries are examples of what kind of spending?A- NecessaryB- Non-essentialC- All of the choices are correct.D- None of the choices are correct.15 – What is the first step of digging out of debt?A- Create a realistic budgetB- Make payments on timeC- Stop using credit cardsD- Don’t try to buy stuff you can’t afford16- When foreclosure is likely, lenders want toA- get the owner out of the home so they can sell it and make a profit.B- work with the owner to negotiate payments.C- sell the home regardless of what the owner thinks.D- None of the choices are correct.

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Proofreading is never fun, no matter how much you love the smell of red pen in the morning. Don’t enjoy reading your own writing? You’re not alone. Don’t have time to revise your work or read a full-length novel? We feel ya. That’s why we offer affordable proofreading services to university students in a range of areas, including history, literature, and business studies.

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