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Consumer-focused marketing

1. A challenge to consumer-focused marketing is that the European Union ________. a. has the same privacy standards as those in the United States b. has different privacy standards from those in the United States c. has no privacy standards d. is illegal e. is called “relationship marketing” 2. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that at least 11 percent of articles in top U.S. medical journals ________. a. are ghostwritten b. use improper grammar and English c. are potentially biased by corporate interests d. a and b only e. a and c only 3. The term ________ in the sense of a group of people unified by shared characteristics, defies precise definition. a. demographics b. geodemographics c. psychographics d. culture e. None of the above. 4. Traditional tactics in marketing public relations include ________. a. blogs and interactive websites b. advertising c. billboards d. All of the above. e. None of the above. 5. The use of controlled media to influence the actions of targeted publics is ________. a. marketing b. public relations c. advertising d. promotion e. IMC Unit 4 Examination 174 BAM 402 Public Relations 6. Public relations is different from marketing because ________. a. marketing focuses only on consumers b. public relations focuses on more than one public c. people know the difference between marketing and public relations messages d. a and b only e. None of the above. 7. Which of the following is not one of the four P’s of marketing? a. price b. product c. promotion d. place e. publicity 8. In the popular children’s book, If the world were a village of 100 people, ________. a. 50 would own a computer b. 9 would speak English c. 11 would be over the age of 79 d. 2 would live in substandard housing e. 3 would have no electricity 9. Of 31 nations studied, ________ ranked first in terms of a rapid, time oriented pace of life. a. Japan b. the United States c. Switzerland d. Mexico e. France 10. Nemawashi refers to a ________. a. a Japanese consensus-building process b. the Japanese tradition of exchanging gifts c. the Spanish tradition of taking a mid-afternoon nap d. the Chinese social hierarchy e. a Wisconsin-based insurance company Unit 4 Examination 175 BAM 402 Public Relations 11. Marketing professional Marlene Rossman calls U.S. society ________. a. a boiling pot b. a stew pot c. a melting pot d. a mosaic e. None of the above. 12. A 2009 survey of public relations practitioners in the U.S. found that ________. a. the profession is mostly white b. the profession lacks minority practitioner role models c. less than half of minority practitioners believe the profession is becoming more diverse d. All of the above. e. None of the above. 13. Reporters have a technique called ________ where they are dropped into a locality they don’t know well to write themselves a quick story. a. cross cultural communication b. multiculturalism c. cultural dimensions d. parachute journalism e. None of the above. 14. A survey of public relations practitioners indicated that ________ were not familiar with SEC regulations. a. almost none b. one in three c. about half d. three out of four e. almost all 15. Expression associated with the normal conduct of a democracy is known as ________ speech. a. free b. absolute c. democratic d. republican e. political Unit 4 Examination 176 BAM 402 Public Relations 16. The Freedom of Information Act ________. a. requires practitioners to tell the truth b. provides for free expression c. provides access to most federal government records d. applies only to politicians e. opens most federal government meetings 17. The agency that is the source of most federal regulation of advertising is the ________. a. Food and Drug Administration b. Federal Trade Commission c. Securities and Exchange Commission d. U.S. Commerce Department e. Federal Communications Commission 18. Work produced by someone in the scope of his or her employment ________. a. belongs to the employer b. belongs to the worker c. is considered work for hire d. a and b only e. a and c only 19. The Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees ________. a. freedom of expression b. fair and open trials c. the right to privacy d. the right to bear arms e. None of the above. 20. Which nation is expected to have the largest population in 2050? a. The People’s Republic of China b. The United States of America c. Nigeria d. Indonesia e. India Unit 4 Examination 177 BAM 402 Public Relations 21. ________ is how the United Nations describes as “the growing interdependence of the world’s people through shrinking space, shrinking time, and disappearing borders.” a. Socialism b. Darwinism c. Populism d. McLuhanism e. Globalization 22. Which of the following was not identified in your book as a social force at work influencing the future of public relations? a. the global spread of democracy b. the downsizing of the United States c. the growth in world population d. the changing face of the United States e. None of the above. 23. The inclusion of women in decision making is known as ________. a. salary equity b. feminization c. role enhancement d. empowerment e. girl power 24. Supervised workplace experiences are known as ________. a. managers b. assistants c. internships d. technicians e. practitioners 25. The Commission on Public Relations Education says ________. a. graduate degrees in public relations are worthless b. public relations education should focus solely on PR skills and problem-solving c. graduates should be responsible, flexible, and professionally oriented self-managers d. public relations and advertising education are part of a good marketing education e. None of the above.

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