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Determination of Acetic Acid

This question is in reference to my lab: Determination of Acetic Acid (using vinegar as a titration). 5ml of vinegar was used in the titration and 1M NaOH.I need to know how to calculate the data for my “Vinegar Sample 1” . I have 6 question marks that I am not sure how to calculate. After you show me how to do it, I can calculate my other samples.Thank you kindly!CH3CO2H + NaOH ? NaCH3CO2 + H2OMass of Vinegar: 5.09Volume of Vinegar (Density = 1.005 g/mL): ?Initial NaOH volume in syringe: 10mlFinal NaOH volume in syringe: 5.5mlVolume of NaOH Delivered: 4.5mlMoles of NaOH Delivered: 0.0045 moles?Moles of Acetic Acid in Sample: ?Mass of Acetic Acid in Sample: ?Calculated Molarity of Acetic Acid in the sampled vinegar: ?Calculated Percent Mass of Acetic Acid in sampled vinegar: ?

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