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Different social science perspectives

Write the following essay on Choose three different social science perspectives to look at the following question: Discuss the changing nature of the family in the UK. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.In spite of the historical reality that many people in the UK society focus on creating their own families once they are adults, single-parenthood due to divorce and unmarried persons have increasingly become popular in the recent past (Chambers, 2012). Nonetheless, singles consist of dissolved families, those who have lost their spouses, and also individuals who have never tried their hands in marriage. The high rate of single-parenthood in the country is unprecedented, at least compared to the statistics of the early 20th century.Unlike the past strong marriages, many people have defied history and are increasingly sidling toward cohabitation, usually before or after marriage but, for many couples, substituting marriage. The ratio of unmarried females under the age of 60 in cohabitation almost tripled in the past three decades (Allan, 1999). According to Chambers (2012), there are almost 2 million cohabiting heterosexuals in the United Kingdom. According to Seymour and Walsh (2013), this outcome translates to a 64% rise since the late 1990s, with an estimated half of babies being born outside lawful marriages.The quantity of marriage relationships has declined, and the age for marrying has evolved substantially higher due to toughening economic conditions and the slackening of traditional rules of engagement. Anderson (1980) noted that around the mid-20th century, 50 women in every 1,000 joined marriages on a yearly basis. Currently, the Office for National Statistics indicates that very few people are looking in the direction of marriages in what is said to be the lowest levels ever since the late nineteenth century. Despite the slackening of regulations which restricted where one could tie the knot, fewer individuals are joining marriages than it was the case throughout the past century. An estimated 231,490 couples married in 2009. this was slightly lower than the 232,990 registered in 2008,

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