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Female Adolescents and Substance Abuse

Submit a 2000 words paper on the topic African American Female Adolescents and Substance Abuse. There is a difference between use and abuse of drugs. Abuse can even cover very normal everyday things like coffee and cigarettes. Marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc are all illegal drugs, but these are not the only things that come under substances that are taken for the substance abuse category. Whenever, a person does excess of whatever drug/substance he is taking, this comes under the category of substance abuse, regardless of the fact that the “drug” is something as “hard’ as cocaine, or as common as coffee. (Buddy T., 2006) Risk factors related to what actually leads to drug use and abuse. There can be various reasons that can trigger a person, most commonly a teenage to indulge in the use of drugs and then getting addicted to them. Some scientists say that there are internal compulsions that are related to a person’s genes to indulge in substance abuse. Whereas, others say that it is more learned and it depends on the kind of environment a person is living in that causes him/her to abuse substances. This latter theory has to do with copying the behavior of people around the prospective drug user. (Debra Wood, n.d.)

Psycho-physiological rewards: people do substance abuse when they are addicted to the kind of feelings taking of drugs gives them. A sense of being over-joyed, happiness and euphoria is what drug abusers looking to find from their drug use. Hence, this becomes their ultimate motive, leading to their taking these drugs in excess.

Role models: People look at their parents and even best friends as their role models. They hence indulge in copying behavior and start taking drugs because they want to be like their role models. These can also include favorite singers, bands, wrestlers, sportspeople, etc who are also involved in substance abuse. It usually gives these prospective drug abusers a feeling of “being cool like their role models are”.

Media: what television programs, .movies, and the internet have to say about drug abuse also matters a lot. ……..

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