Fusiform face area

Need an research paper on the fusiform face area: our brain’s face detector. Needs to be 6 pages. The study subjects will be asked to press button in recognition of both the face and house images. It is, therefore, predictable that the study subjects will be more responsive to face stimuli than house stimuli thus confirming that the Fusiform area of the brain is responsible for facial recognition.Various studies have been carried out in a bid to found out the part of brain that recognises faces and many are focusing in substantiating that the fusiform area of the brain performs such functions. Therefore, the focus of this study will be to find out if the fusiform region of the brain is actually responsible for facial recognition. The importance of this study stems from the fact that face perception has been strongly linked to a particular functionality specificity implying that it is a process that takes place through neuro-mechanisms and specialized cognitive mechanisms that are solely dedicated to taking part in facial perception (Kanwisher, McDermott & Chun, 1997). On the other hand, the research is important because facial perception is crucial in peoples daily lives. Besides, there have been computation challenges in face recognition because scientists and other experts are considering developing some neural-like hardware that will be dedicated to such functions. Therefore, the research seeks to shade some light on the issue to add to the existing research on the possibility of using the brains fusiform mechanism to recognize faces.Underpinning this study is the literature that suggests that faces are undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of the visual stimuli that enable humans to perceive and also inform then not only of people’s identity but also their sex, mood, age, and direction of their gaze (Kanwisher, McDermott & Chun, 1997).

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