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Immigration system

Topic: Immigration system Provide at least two quantitative and two qualitative research questions related to the topic and your area(s) of interest.Tip: What would you like to learn/know about the topic and your areas of interest?Discuss the ethical considerations in researching the questions. (Approximately 2 paragraphs)Tips: What are some ethical considerations in answering your research questions? Keep in mind the readings/lecture about how your questions inform ethical considerations. Review content such as informed consent, beneficence, respect, justice, assent, etc. This question is about research ethics. Not practice ethics.Implications for Social Work practice, policy, and education. How does answering your questions inform social work practice, policy, and the education/training of social workers? (Approximately 2 paragraphs) Tips: Think of how your research can contribute to effective social work practice or outcomes for clients. In another sense, think of the potential benefits of your research to human service professionals (this extends beyond social work).Think of how your research can shape social policy/social welfare policy.Think of how your research can shape or inform social work education/the development or revision of social work curricula, or how social workers are trained.please cite the sources you use

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