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PH of the blood

1.As blood passes through metabolically active tissue a) the increased pH of the blood allows more CO2 to be bound to haemoglobin. b) the binding of O2 to haemoglobin is weakened c) the increased haemoglobin saturation with O2 facilitates delivery of oxygen to tissue d) the O2 dissociation curve shifts to the lefte) the increased temperature of the blood increases haemoglobin saturation with O2

2.A normal adult breathes a mixture of gases of composition 6% CO2 and 94% O2. a) respiration increases because of the resultant hypoxia b) respiration increases because the carotid sinus is stimulated c) respiration increases because of stimulation of medullary chemoreceptors d) pulse rate increases due to increased vagal stimulatione) blood alkalosis occurs because of an increase in respiration

3.At the end of inspiration (once air flow has stopped) alveolar pressure is: a) less than atmospheric pressure b) equal to intrapleural pressure c) equal to atmospheric pressured) greater than at the end of expiration e) less than at the end of expiration

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