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Promoting Public Health

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Promoting Public Health.tion from unwanted diseases and improve their well-being. (3) develop quality and risk management within certain culture or environment that is vulnerable to diseases. (4) work collaboratively with other health care workers or health care professionals. (5) develop health programs to reduce inequalities. (6) develop, formulate and implement health policy and strategy. (7) work with and help the communities. (8) develop strategic leadership in terms of health care. (9) conduct research and development in health associates. and (10) perform self management and be able to manage people and resources.In fact, health care has been one of the most controversial issues in any country and dear to many because it involves human life. Indeed healthcare database has been made available for technology assessment and health policy research (Roos, Roos, Fisher & Bubolz, 1990).In the insurance field, healthcare databases help the insurance company to identify patients, the type of service rendered by the physicians, the date when the service was rendered, and who was the physician who gave the service.For the physician, the databases help him to identify patient’s characteristics, give out proper diagnoses and treatment. According to Roos, Roos, Fisher & Bubloz (1990), database has the characteristics of system wide coverage of entire population, it has unique identifying number because it records the history of services the patient receives, and easy to enroll new patient and it has comprehensive information about the patient.The benefits of having morbidity and mortality data, as mentioned by Roos, Roos, fisher & Bubloz (1990) are: (1) it serves as a monitoring mechanism for effective treatments. For example, the mortality data in the hospital helps the hospital administrative management to compare the number of patient, patient’s length of stay, changes, treatment, and or service analysis, quality of services, patient’s cases or type of treatment needed,

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