SQL and DML statements of aggregation

ApplicationSorting, Grouping, and Nesting DataIn this Application, you will use SQL DML statements that aggregate, sort, and nest data about employees and departments of a company.You will use the Employee and Department tables you created previously. Create, run, and test SQL queries to display each set of information below. Save a copy of your queries in a Microsoft Word document. Include a screen shot of the output immediately after the corresponding SQL query.Use a join to display the employee identification number and employee name of all employees of the production department.Use a subquery to display the employee identification number and employee name of all employees of the production department.Display the details of the employees who have been hired after the employee Jack was hired.Display the employee name, department number, and job description of all employees who have the same job title as the employee Scott.Display the average, maximum, and minimum salary of all the employees.For each department, display the department number, the average, maximum, and minimum salary earned by the employees of the department. Sort the data by average salary.Find the highest salary earned by any employee in each job category. Display only those jobs where the maximum basic salary is more than $10,000.Find the total number of employees working under each particular head of department (HOD). Display only those department heads that have a count greater than 3.Display the number of employees in each department.Display the department name and average salary of all the employees in each department. Sort the output alphabetically by department name.SQL Queries Using Aggregation, Sortingand Data Nesting1. Use a join to display the employee identification number and employee name of allemployees of the production department.Solution:SELECT…

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Submit a 250 words essay on the topic Leadership Style.leadership ensures that leaders and employees interact in different ways and subsequently build close relationships that promote prog

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