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Structure and Culture in HRM

Write an article on Structure and Culture in Human Resource Management at UPS. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Culture is a set of basic shared assumptions that the group learns and taught to new members as the responses to problems (Schein, 2006). Cultures differ with structures. To achieve the maximum HR performance, organisation structure should be chosen based on the environment in which the organization operates (Bartol and Martin, 1998, p. 251 – 278), its strategy (Bartol and Martin, 1998, p. 251 – 278), the size of the organisation (Bartol and Martin, 1998, p. 251 – 278), technology (Woodward, 1965, p. 76 – 77), and the type of exceptions that occur during production (Perrow, 1967, p. 194 – 208). If the environment in which the organisation operates is uncertain, it should adopt an organic structure for quicker response.

Also, the structure must match the strategy to achieve HR performance. For example, a functional structure should be adopted if the organization sells a large volume of a single product in the same region. a product structure should be adopted if the organization sells several dissimilar products. and a customer structure should be adopted if the organization deals with different sets of customers each of whom is very large and important. Moreover, as the size of an organization increases, there are more departments, more levels of hierarchy, and more staff positions. After a point, formalization and decentralization come in. Furthermore, the organization structure should match production technology.

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